Zach Spanton


Art Director in Practice,
Critical Thinker and
Problem Solver in Reality.


I like big ideas.

As a punk kid, those ideas manifested themselves in overly ambitious plans for books, stick figure animations, songs, comics, and countless doodles scrawled across my student handbooks.

Now I put that sh*t to use.

Now, I use those ideas to give brands a unique voice and solve business problems. Those ideas aren’t alone, though.

Meet the bonus skills.

After college, I landed a job managing a creative team at a small ad agency. Having to wear many hats, I've gained experience in project and account management, art direction, copywriting, website maintenance – just flat out a lot of stuff.

And now, for my next trick…

This exposure to many aspects of the ad business has stocked me up with a baseline of strategy, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Besides using this foundation to grow as an art director, I strive to build my peers up and foster creative workplaces where we can be, in the words of Todd Henry, prolific, brilliant, and healthy.

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